Water Districts & Flood District WSCs

Loddon Water Districts WSC

The Loddon Water Districts Water Services Committee represents domestic and stock customers in the Loddon Valley Irrigation district. This area is bounded by Boort in the west, half way to Kerang in the north, Pyramid Hill in the east and down to Serpentine in the south.

GMW’s Loddon Water District customers primarily use the water for domestic and stock purposes.

The Loddon Water Districts WSC is chaired by Grant Malone and consists of nine members.

The focus for the committee this year has been on a secure water supply. Since a pipeline was introduced in the area, customers have not had to rely on carting water for livestock which has in turn, provided valuable back up for many household’s domestic use as rainwater tanks ran dry last summer.

Two pipelines now operate in the Loddon Water Districts region and both have been operating effectively with very little leaks or issues to report.

Over summer, blue-green algae affected western parts of the region but did not impact the Normanville pipeline. The Loddon Water Districts WSC, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 013 357 or email: reception@gmwater.com.au

Grant Malone

Grant Malone (Chair)
Cropping and sheep




Garry Addlem

Garry Addlem (Deputy Chair)
Mixed farming enterprise





Roger Nolan




Rohan Verley


Diedre Schlitz

Deidre Schlitz 
Prime lamb production and cropping enterprise



Geoff Thomas

Geoff Thomas 
Mixed farm producing wheat, sheep and oaten hay




Margaret Brady 
Piggery and cropping enterprise




Jim Chalmers
Cropping and sheep



Carl Chamberlain
Cattle and cropping





Loch Garry Flood Protection District WSC

Loch Garry is a 48-bay structure that forms part of the nine kilometres of levee banks under Goulburn-Murray Water’s (GMW) management. It is designed to provide low to medium flood level protection.

The Loch Garry Flood Protection District comes into action when the height of the Goulburn River at Shepparton exceeds 10.36 metres.

Customers in the protection district are alerted to begin taking flood precautionary measures.

If you would like to contact the Loch Garry Flood Protection District WSC, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 013 357 or email reception@gmwater.com.au

WSC Member   Commodity Group
Mackenzie Craig  Dryland and irrigated farming
Barry Hinchcliffe (Deputy Chair)  Dryland and Irrigated Farming