Carrying over on the Bullarook and Loddon systems

Carryover Calculator
Carryover Calculator

Important dates

Water entitlement holders on the Bullarook and Loddon systems can carry over a maximum volume equal to 50% of their high-reliability water share and 50% of their low-reliability water share.

The carryover calculator available on the Victorian Water Register website can help water entitlement holders understand how carryover rules apply to the Bullarook and Loddon systems.

Carryover Calculator Water entitlement holders who choose to carry over their unused water allocation must ensure the allocation they wish to carry over is in an allocation account linked to a:
  • water share
  • limited term transfer of a water share
  • supply by agreement
before 5pm on Tuesday 30 June 2015.

If the unused water allocation is not in a linked account, it will be returned to the pool for general reallocation next season.

More information

The Victorian Water Register website provides additional information about carryover.

Further information is available by phoning the GMW Customer Service Centre on 1800 013 357 or emailing

Water entitlement holders should also consider seeking professional advice from an experienced water broker or solicitor if unsure about their options.

To learn more about carrying over unused water allocation on the Bullarook and Loddon systems go to our Frequently Asked Questions.