Relinquishing unused water allocation

Water entitlement holders on the Campaspe, Goulburn and Murray systems can relinquish their unused water allocation to avoid the charges associated with carryover.

There is no charge to relinquish unused water allocation.

Important dates

Water entitlement holders who wish to relinquish their unused water allocation must submit an Application to relinquish allocation (Form 41) to GMW before 4.45pm on Monday 20 June 2015.


Carryover Calculator Water entitlement holders with access to online trading must submit an online request to relinquish allocation via the Victorian Water Register's My Water application before 5pm on Monday 27 June 2015.


More information

The How to relinquish water allocation and Electing to not carry over your unused allocation fact sheets, available on the Victorian Water Register website, provide additional information about relinquishing unused water allocation.

Further information is available by phoning the GMW Customer Service Centre on 1800 013 357 or emailing

Water entitlement holders should also consider seeking professional advice from an experienced water broker or solicitor if unsure about their options.

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