New Reserve Policy Goulburn and Murray Systems

Why do we need a new reserve policy?

So you can plan with certainty. Modeling in the NRSWS for the Goulburn System shows that with the new reserve policy in place on 15 August every year, there will be

  • Starting allocations
  • System can operate to deliver allocation and carryover

Even under the most extreme modeled climate change scenario


How will it work?

Under the current reserve policy, water is reserved for system operations in the next season after 1 April or once the allocation reaches 100% of high-reliability water shares, whichever happens first. With allocations failing to reach 100% in recent years, the dry autumn and winter conditions have not provided sufficient inflows to meet all the operating requirements by 15 August.

expalining reserve breakdown

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Under the new policy, G-MW will begin building reserves for the following season once allocations reach 30% of high-reliability water shares by assigning inflows equally to the reserve and to increasing current season allocations. Once allocations reach 50% of high-reliability water shares, all further inflows until 1 April are directed to building current season allocations.

Reserve Policy Starting Dates

A new allocation policy for the Goulburn system came into effect in the 2010/11 season with the benefits realised in 2011/12. A similar policy is planned in the Murray system for 2012/13. Existing allocation reserve polices remain in all other systems including Broken, Bullarook, Campaspe and Loddon.