Forms Constructing a Bore Domestic and Stock Use Using Groundwater



What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water found beneath the earth's surface in pores and crevices of sand and rocks. Sand and rocks from which groundwater can be pumped are known as aquifers.  Groundwater supports a significant amount of agricultural activity, commercial operations, provides urban supplies, and is an essential source of water for domestic and stock supply. Groundwater is also an important environmental asset that provides base flow to streams and supports wetlands and other groundwater dependent ecosystems.

Groundwater terms and definitions - a glossary guide for customers

Useful links to online groundwater information for Northern Victoria

What is groundwater? Victorian Groundwater Information (Dept of Sustainability and Environment - Our Water Our Future Website)

Groundwater Allocations Update

Groundwater Management Unit

2017/18 Season Allocations

Date Announced

Katunga WSPA


30 August 2017

Lower Campaspe Valley WSPA


17 July 2017

Loddon Highlands WSPA

75% Newlyn Zone
100% all other zones

14 December 2017

Mid-Loddon GMA


12 September 2017

Lower Ovens GMA 100%

1 July 2017

All other GMUs and unincorporated areas (full list available from GMW's website)


1 July 2017


How much groundwater is used in Goulburn-Murray Water's region?

There is approximately 450 GL of groundwater licence entitlement in Goulburn-Murray Water's region with over 3700 licensed bores.

This does not include groundwater used for domestic and stock purposes.

How does an aquifer work?

How do I become a groundwater user?

You must apply to Goulburn-Murray to become a groundwater user. A bore construction licence is required by all persons wishing to drill for groundwater including domestic and stock purposes. Taking and using groundwater for commercial or irrigation purposes requires an additional Take and Use Licence.

For Groundwater and Bore Construction Licence Application Forms click here.

Alternatively, you can now save money and time by applying for a bore construction licence for domestic, stock, investigation, observation or monitoring purposes online.

Visualising Victoria's Groundwater website - Groundwater web portal

The University of Ballarat in conjunction with a number of project partners, including GMW, have developed a web portal which federates groundwater data from multiple sources to visually display aquifer information.

The ‘Visualising Victoria's Groundwater' (VVG) website provides researchers, landholders and the wider community with information about the location, extent and quality of groundwater across Victoria.  

To access the VVG website please click here

Click here to view the basic user guide developed by GMW to assist customers with accessing groundwater information from the VVG website.  

Can't find what you're looking for? Please call GMW on 1800 013 357 for help.